Hello world!

Welcome to my website! I will be writing here time to time depending on how much I will manage to put in the needed time and effort.

AngelHack Series/Kabul/2017

This is very exciting when you see such events are happening in Afghanistan. I believe Afghanistan has a lot to say, whether it is technology or any other branches. Over past years, one of the biggest struggles I identified is the ignorance by the global community. The opportunities are out there, but some exceptions like […]

10% Entrepreneur – Short review

I am sure the term “10% Entrepreneur” is a new thing for you as it was for me as well. The author has introduced a new type of entrepreneur for his readers. What we know or at least I now about being entrepreneur is quite a different character, hardworking, struggles, tensions, busy people . . […]

Four months at Founder Institute

At Founder Institute, we are pushed in every session to complete our assignments. I believe this was very helpful to pursue our startups’ progress and development. Before FI sessions commencement, I had an idea in my mind which needed to be developed in a substantial way. This was what I had expected from Founder Institute. After […]