10% Entrepreneur – Short review

I am sure the term “10% Entrepreneur” is a new thing for you as it was for me as well.

The author has introduced a new type of entrepreneur for his readers. What we know or at least I now about being entrepreneur is quite a different character, hardworking, struggles, tensions, busy people . . . , these are the indicators of a real entrepreneur we are used to know.

Patrick wants us to know that we can enter to this attractive world of entrepreneurship with investing 10% of our time and money to start our business. At the same time, we can continue our day job, build our network and gain experience.

It’s worth noting that this book is result of several years of experience and experiments. You will find many examples throughout book, which are quite useful for founders, advisors and investors.

The 10% Entrepreneur by Patrick James McGinnis was published on 12 April 2016. 

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