Four months at Founder Institute

At Founder Institute, we are pushed in every session to complete our assignments. I believe this was very helpful to pursue our startups’ progress and development. Before FI sessions commencement, I had an idea in my mind which needed to be developed in a substantial way. This was what I had expected from Founder Institute.

After following out the whole semester, I want to chapter what I have learned so far to four segments;

Research Culture, Business School, Discipline, Hard-work, Friends

Research Culture: There has always been a problem when it comes to reading and research. At least, this obstacle applies in my society, where doing research is very rare. You can hardly find a research center in the city. In a situation like this, FI pushed me to read and research (enjoyed it). There were times I started researching for assignments ending to midnight.

Business School: I have many things to say about education system, yet to write about.

You may wonder, but for me it was like a Business Master’s program.

Intense assignments, a well-planned curriculum, continuous follow-ups’ on assignments and working group activities were included in this four-month package.

Aforesaid instances are not practical here in other educational institutions.

Waiting for what? Learn business in just 4 months!

Discipline: This is something almost everyone of us lack. I do not claim FI has made me a well-disciplined person, but it’s true that when completing assignments, I allocated my time to specific tasks. Actually there were more things to do now with FI, so giving your time to more important tasks is really complying the discipline.

Hard-work: Believe me, it’s very different than the fancy quotes you read about hard-work and dedication in books or social media. You need to execute it actually to feel the hard-work and of course the outcome which is definitely a success whether you win or fail.

I prefer not to say about the hard-work here and there, come and spend your 4-months, then you will know what I am talking about.

Friends: You can make friends anywhere, in school, college, university, your neighborhood or your workplace. But, friends you make in FI are the future business people, friends who are committed to their future and to what they do, which is very valuable.

This was a short note to speak about my experiences and what I have learned throughout the semester.

At the end, I want to thank all Founders, Mentors and Directors for all their heartfelt efforts.

I and a few number of other friends went ahead and could successfully the four month period of sessions at FI at February 2017. 

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